We offer complete guitar repair, set-up, and service. We have over 20 years of experience in this area and can handle repairs for all types of guitars; Acoustic, Classical, Bass, Semi-Acoustic, and Electric

To keep your guitar in the best possible playing condition you should have it set up professionally at least once a year. Changes in humidity and temperature can cause the neck of your guitar to move and this could result in an unwanted fret buzz.

When you buy a guitar from Wizard Guitars we will ensure that it is properly set up for you and ready to play. You will also be offered another setup after 3 months where we can make adjustments if you wish. The only cost to you is for a new set of strings. If you’re not wanting to buy a guitar and are just looking for setup or guitar repairs a full list of the services we provide are detailed below:

  • Professional Guitar Setups
  • Fret Dress
  • Nut Replacement
  • Acoustic Saddle Replacement
  • Electric & Acoustic Pickup Installation
  • Repairing/Replacing Electric Hardware
  • Pickup Replacement
  • Output Jack Replacement
  • Selector Switch Replacement
  • Pot Replacement
  • Complete Rewiring including Pickups, Switch & Pots
  • Replacing Tuners
  • Headstock Repairs
  • Finish Touch-Ups

Please fill out the contact form below, or call us on 0114 2676030 to book a Set Up or Repair


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